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Today in My Side Yard Garden 07.31.17 to 08.07.17

Weedy, wet, and wild, are the only words that adequately describe my side yard garden in the opening week of August. I’m harvesting some okra and eggplant that I planted in my hydroponic system, it’s an experiment that’s going well. At first I thought the okra plants would be too tall. They are, kinda, but … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 07.14.17 to 07.31.17

Well, that’s July done and dusted! I haven’t been posting anything about my side  yard garden because very little is happening and I haven’t been making frequent trips out there to see how it is or to do any work. I know how it is; sunny, rainy, soggy, buggy, weedy, hot, and humid. Hi ho, … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 07.04.17 to 07.14.17

This is peak summer heat and humidity time in my side yard garden; not many good things and an abundance of weeds. The peppers and eggplants are limping along, the yardlong beans and okra have yet to produce any fruit, and I’m still picking some kale and Swiss chard. It’ll be a few weeks before … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 06.30.17 to 07.04.17

The garden is in its downtime, late June, July, into August very little activity, so for the foreseeable future I will only be doing an update every week or so, unless something extraordinary happens. Last fall I pruned my Negronne fig way,way back, and this season I have about a dozen fruits, already ate a … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 06.29.17

This morning in my side yard garden there was nothing to pick, plant, trim, train, or work on. However Creature, my side yard garden cat did require feeding.

Today in My Side Yard Garden 06.17.17 to 06.21.17

The weather is still the deciding factor in all gardening activities. The skies have been overcast and there has been more rain for the past week. My side yard garden is very wet, but not suffering any undue stress. Recently I did an experiment using a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in water as a … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 06.13.17 to 06.16.17

Too much rain to be in the garden. I need some sun to dry things out.  

Today in My Side Yard Garden 06.11.17 & 06.12.17

 The rain is still coming and the sky is still grey, perfect weather for powdery mildew on vegetables. An online friend, John Beville, recently posted in my favorite, local gardening forum, Grow Gainesville!, that he uses hydrogen peroxide spray in his garden. After doing a wee bit of additional research I decided to give it … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 06.09.17 & 06.10.17

As happens in a hot and humid area the tomato horn worms and the stick bugs synchronized their watches and arrived in my side yard garden on the same day. For me that signals the end of the spring growing season, and the end of the fight to keep the tomatoes growing in the garden. … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 06.07.17

 We have officially entered “the wet” with 80% chance of rain becoming a reality; my swale is swamped and my gullies have been washed. One of the nice things about the sandy, porous soils here in north central Florida is that rain drains away quickly, even all day heavy rain. This morning when I ventured … Continue reading

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