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During my years of gardening in north central Florida I've tried a number of ways of keeping track of what happens in my garden during the year. This is a record that I can check back on, and a place for pictures and lists of what I planted and how it worked out.
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Today in My Side Yard Garden 01.06.18

 My side yard garden survived the first freeze of 2018. I picked the Swiss chard and the basil and covered the Verti-gro. The remains of the Swiss chard survived, but the nubs of the basil all froze.  The lettuce and greens were all picked to ground level and will come back. The snow peas on … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 01.04.18

The hard freeze signals a true end to the fall, and hopeful beginning to the spring planting season in my side yard garden. The transition is reinforced by the arrival of the loved and long anticipated seed catalogs. Even with the advent of online ordering I still love to get paper catalogs, and I don’t … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 01.01.18

 The new year is starting out on a very cold note in my side yard garden. A huge mass of arctic air is headed our way. The only way my crops will survive is if I harvest almost everything and then cover the nubs. Even then the forecast is for 3 to 4 nights of … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 12.16.17 to 12.31.17

 My side yard garden has taken a turn, for the better. Throughout the past twenty years I’ve been experimenting with different types of gardening. Unfortunately I have no photos of those early days, and only a few written notes.  My motivation for writing this blog now is to capture my gardening history so I can … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 12.03.17 to 12.16.17

 My side yard has survived its first freeze of the winter season. I picked all the Meyer lemons; they really were ready to come off the tree and I didn’t want to risk loosing them to a freeze. I covered the growing boxes, trellis, and Verti-gro hydroponics with my assorted collection of old sheets. These … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 12.02.17 to 12.03.17

Once the produce begins the joy of working in my side yard garden soars to new heights. Back in mid-October I harvested the sweet potatoes. They have been curing in the back screened porch since then. Today I baked and ate my first home-grown sweet potato, it was fabulous! They are now quite hard and … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 11.18.17 to 12.02.17

When things get busy in my side yard garden choices must be made. The current choice has been between working in the garden and writing about it. Working won, at least for a while. There are some items of absolute gloriousness in my side yard garden these days. Top of the list would be red … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 11.07.17 to 11.18.17

Fall vegetables are coming along slowly, but the highlight of the November side yard garden has to be the citrus. This is an exceptional year for my Meyer lemon tree. The majority of my fruit trees, including the Meyer lemon, live their entire lives in 35  gallon containers. Before planting I drilled large holes in … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 11.04.17 to 11.07.17

I finally finished the fall fertilizing; 6-8-8 on all the fruit trees.

Today in My Side Yard Garden 10.29.17 to 11.04.17

 The side yard garden word for today is TURMERIC. Touted as one of the healthy things people should include in their diet, this aromatic, orange spice can be a bit pricey. So, what’s the solution? Find out how to grow your own. This is my second year of raising, harvesting, and processing turmeric.  As a … Continue reading

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