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During my years of gardening in north central Florida I've tried a number of ways of keeping track of what happens in my garden during the year. This is a record that I can check back on, and a place for pictures and lists of what I planted and how it worked out.
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Today in My Side Yard Garden: 10.16.17, The Tour.

Clean up and clear out is progressing in my side yard garden.  Since this blog is relatively new some readers won’t know or remember that I had two 80′ pine trees in my side yard garden until last January.  They grew as a pair, less than 10′ between them, and during one of Florida’s frequent … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 08.25.17 to 10.10.17

 This has been the year of Hurricane Irma, which made a mess of a great deal of Florida. My side yard garden suffered some of the woes of this weather. The weather is still summerlike. I finally got some help clearing out the weeds and hurricane debris. It was a tangled mess that required two … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 08.19.17 to 08.25.17

The garden gleanings of this morning in my side yard garden had a Mediterranean feel to them; a few Tena figs, eggplants, peppers, and okra. Rain continues to accumulate, and the ground remains saturated and soggy. No new planting has been done, it’s hard to get excited, and motivated to be out there. Soon… soon.

Today in My Side Yard Garden 08.07.17 to 08.19.17

After seven months, October through May, of near drought conditions in my side yard garden, the peak summer months, June, July, and August, can only be characterized as near monsoon. According to, “The National Weather Service confirmed the record with the UF Weather Center at 6:51 pm, stating that 0.71″ had been observed at … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 07.31.17 to 08.07.17

Weedy, wet, and wild, are the only words that adequately describe my side yard garden in the opening week of August. I’m harvesting some okra and eggplant that I planted in my hydroponic system, it’s an experiment that’s going well. At first I thought the okra plants would be too tall. They are, kinda, but … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 07.14.17 to 07.31.17

Well, that’s July done and dusted! I haven’t been posting anything about my side  yard garden because very little is happening and I haven’t been making frequent trips out there to see how it is or to do any work. I know how it is; sunny, rainy, soggy, buggy, weedy, hot, and humid. Hi ho, … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 07.04.17 to 07.14.17

This is peak summer heat and humidity time in my side yard garden; not many good things and an abundance of weeds. The peppers and eggplants are limping along, the yardlong beans and okra have yet to produce any fruit, and I’m still picking some kale and Swiss chard. It’ll be a few weeks before … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 06.30.17 to 07.04.17

The garden is in its downtime, late June, July, into August very little activity, so for the foreseeable future I will only be doing an update every week or so, unless something extraordinary happens. Last fall I pruned my Negronne fig way,way back, and this season I have about a dozen fruits, already ate a … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 06.29.17

This morning in my side yard garden there was nothing to pick, plant, trim, train, or work on. However Creature, my side yard garden cat did require feeding.

Today in My Side Yard Garden 06.22.17 to 06.28.17

In spite of the weather the peppers are doing quite well, most notably the Cubanelles. These plants will survive the hot, humid summer and pick up production again in the fall when the weather turns just a bit cooler and dryer. If the foliage is any indication, which it is, the sweet potato crop will … Continue reading

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