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During my years of gardening in north central Florida I've tried a number of ways of keeping track of what happens in my garden during the year. This is a record that I can check back on, and a place for pictures and lists of what I planted and how it worked out.
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Today in My Side Yard Garden 06.25.18

My side yard garden has been productive during my short absence from writing, however I haven’t yet replaced my digital camera so I’m unable to get any outdoor photos. I can get some inside, albeit not terrific. It will have to do for now. Thanks for your patience, things are returning to a new normal. … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 06.04.18

My apologies to those of you who read or follow my blog. It’s been almost two months since my last posting (that sounds almost like the beginning of confession.) The story is that I’ve been dealing with the sudden illness, and subsequent death, of one of my very best friends. Keith was one of the … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 04.17.18

So much has been happening in my side yard garden, but I still don’t have a camera to record the action! I’m already enjoying the fruits of my labor. The summer squash; Black Beauty zucchini, Dixie Yellow Crock Neck, and White Scalloped Patty Pan, are into full production. Every morning I hand pollinate any newly … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 03.30.18

Major planting day in my side yard garden. After close examination of the 10-day weather forecast I decided this morning was the perfect time to plant seedlings, just before an afternoon of rain, and followed by a few days of sunny/cloudy mix. That should get all off to a good start. As it happened the … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 03.24.18

Work went ahead in my side yard garden, despite the lack of a camera to document progress. The weather has been a significant player in my spring planting schedule. My seedlings have been ready since late February to go into the ground. I would make a planting plan, only to have it pushed back another … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 03.18.18

Finally getting back to normal in my side yard garden. Just over a year ago, January ’17, I had to have two 80′ pine trees removed. They had been a part of my side yard garden since the first vegetable was planted. They were hit by lightning so their removal was mandatory, but it caused … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 03.11.18

I’ll start off by saying that my digital camera died so I’ll be using only older photos for a while. The weather’s been a roller-coaster ride in my side yard garden.  We had some 80s in mid-February, then back to near freezing nights on at least two different occasions.  Some of my seedlings got planted … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 02.27.18

 Sometimes there is so much happening in my side yard garden, and so much work to do, that there just isn’t enough time left over in the day to record what’s been happening. February has been unseasonably warm. This gave rise to two things; first, the trees decided it was spring some more than half … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 02.18.18

 February is becoming the transitional month in my side yard garden; making the transition from winter garden to spring garden.  The first buds and blooms are appearing on my fruit trees which means it’s time for the first fertilizing. I followed the Mittleider guidelines for fruit trees: for each inch of trunk diameter apply one … Continue reading

Today in My Side Yard Garden 02.09.18

 So much work to do in my side yard garden that there’s hardly time to write and record. The first fertilizing of the fruit trees is 2/3s complete. I applied 1 oz of Mittleider pre-plant mix and 1/2 oz Mittleider weekly feed per 1″ of trunk width to all of the containerized fruit trees. This … Continue reading

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