My Side Yard Garden is a place of joy and discovery, both in nature and online. As a long time resident of north central Florida I’ve experimented raising vegetables, berries, and fruits in my side yard garden for many years. There have been many successes and I’ve built on these.  There have also been a fair number of failures. I’ve always tried to learn from those failures, change things up when necessary, and finally make another check mark in the success column. As a Master Gardener for Alachua County I was able to expand my understanding of our unique growing conditions, and use my interests and abilities to help other gardeners. Now I’m looking for new ways to share what I’ve learned over the years with other experienced and beginning gardeners in our area.    My primary focus is raising supplemental food in a very small area. I’m not interested in industrial levels of production, but high enough yields to add to my diet on a daily basis. Over the years I’ve shifted from early experiments with raised beds to an almost exclusive collection of items raised in containers. Because of the poor fertility and porous nature of the soils in the area I found the annual need to sufficiently amend the soil was just too much work. In my side yard garden containers, growing boxes, and hydroponics are the norm. I’ve also spent a lot of time learning how to make the most of the small space year round.  An understanding of the weather and seasonal changes, and what things are happiest growing at which times, has ultimately led to a system of year round harvesting. I hope you will join me in discovering the joys and challenges of having a side yard garden, as I chronicle the projects, tasks. successes, and failures throughout the yearlong growing season here in My Side Yard Garden.



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