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Today in My Side Yard Garden 07.31.17 to 08.07.17

Weedy, wet, and wild, are the only words that adequately describe my side yard garden in the opening week of August.

I’m harvesting some okra and eggplant that I planted in my hydroponic system, it’s an experiment that’s going well. At first I thought the okra plants would be too tall. They are, kinda, but the constant suply of nutrient is allowing the plants to perform so much better than the ones that were planted in the grow boxes months ago. Same goes for the eggplant. Controlling feed and moisture levels helps everything grow better.

I have Red Dragon Asian yardlong beans that are producing nicely; 6 plants each in four 3 gallon pots. They are one of the few vegetables that like the heat and humidity, and they make a reliable meal-sized crop every few days. Surprisingly my six curly-blue kale plants from winter are still making some edible leaves. The pepper plants are kinda dormant, but I expect them to perk up once the weather changes a bit. I have a 35 gallon tub full of sweet potatoes. They haven’t flowered and the vines are filling the garden, mingled throughout the bumper weed crop. There is a huge Meyer lemon crop, something ate all the green leaf parts on the plum trees, and the Pancho avocado refuses to put out any new leaves.

By August 15th I plan to do some major weed clear out and plant some corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, and maybe some melons. By Labor Day I want to have the fall garden in and on it’s way. I’m really looking forward to lettuces, arugula, leafy greens, and the other cool weather Florida crops.


About Sue Patterson

During my years of gardening in north central Florida I've tried a number of ways of keeping track of what happens in my garden during the year. This is a record that I can check back on, and a place for pictures and lists of what I planted and how it worked out.


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