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Today in My Side Yard Garden 07.14.17 to 07.31.17

Well, that’s July done and dusted! I haven’t been posting anything about my side  yard garden because very little is happening and I haven’t been making frequent trips out there to see how it is or to do any work. I know how it is; sunny, rainy, soggy, buggy, weedy, hot, and humid. Hi ho, hi ho, into the yard I go, with a shovel, and quick, is there food to pick? Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho…  Now that August have arrived things will slowly begin to change, and the first of the fall garden will be planted. Be patient with me. Posting will pick up soon. Today I was able to harvest a few things; the very last of the  Swiss chard, I removed the last plants, one small eggplant, two Asian yardlong beans, some kale that is still surviving in this weather, oregano tp hang and dry, and some chives and rosemary to add to roasted potatoes, kale, and sausages for dinner tonight.


About Sue Patterson

During my years of gardening in north central Florida I've tried a number of ways of keeping track of what happens in my garden during the year. This is a record that I can check back on, and a place for pictures and lists of what I planted and how it worked out.


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