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The Greens of Spring — Swiss Chard

The word “Swiss” was used by 19th century seed catalog publishers to distinguish chard from French spinach varieties . Chard has always been very popular among Mediterranean cooks. The first varieties can be traced back to Sicily. Chard has shiny, green, ribbed leaves, with petioles that range from white to yellow to red, depending on the cultivar.  … Continue reading

The Greens of Spring — Lettuce

  The cool weather months in north central Florida are the months for raising salad greens. There are endless varieties of greens that can be raised and enjoyed together. On December 16, I planted a collection of differnt salad greens; by January 16, I was harvesting and enjoying fresh salads. I’ve tried a lot of … Continue reading

Green Beans, Yellow Beans, Purple Beans?

People often ask me about the varieties of vegetables that I grow in my side yard garden. Now that I’m finished selecting my seeds for the upcoming spring season, I thought I’d explain my selections. I’ve copied the pictures and descriptions, and created links to the seed catalog in case you want to order some for … Continue reading

A Couple of Cold Nights

The past two nights have been a bit chilly in the side yard garden; 32° and 35°. The week previous we had near record high temperatures, one day reaching 82°, then a massive cold front came through with high winds and thunderstorms, and finally we are back down into the normal range for early February. … Continue reading

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