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Today in My Side Yard Garden: 10.16.17, The Tour.

Clean up and clear out is progressing in my side yard garden.  Since this blog is relatively new some readers won’t know or remember that I had two 80′ pine trees in my side yard garden until last January.  They grew as a pair, less than 10′ between them, and during one of Florida’s frequent thunder storms they were both hit by lightning.  That is a death sentence for a tree, and the tree has to be removed before it becomes to weak for the crew to climb it and take it down.  Removing these trees changed everything in my side yard garden. Now instead of filtered sunlight I have a full day of full sun, the garden is hotter and the winter micro-climate is gone since those trees no longer hold in the warmth of the day. Since everything had to be move to make room for heavy machinery and making space to drop the huge sections of pine tree, I took the opportunity to redesign the space and replace some of the fruit trees. My side yard garden is only about 30′ x 60′, 1800 sq ft. Because my home is in a heavily wooded residential area I chose to do the majority of my planting in containers. The red grapefruit, navel orange, and 20′ row of Ouachita blackberry bushes are the only things planted in the ground. All my other trees are in 35 gallon containers: Arbequeno, Manzanella, and Mission olives, Tena and Negronne figs, Climax and Powderblue blueberries, Sunglo necterine, Pancho avocado, Ichi Jiro persimmon, two American hazelnuts, Gulf Rose and Gulf Blaze plums, Meyer lemon, and bay leaf. I have 21 growing boxes that I use for vegetables along with a number of 3 gallon pots. I also have a 16 pot hydroponic system made by Vertigro, a small outdoor kitchen, and a resident cat named Creature.

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