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Today in My Side Yard Garden 08.07.17 to 08.19.17

After seven months, October through May, of near drought conditions in my side yard garden, the peak summer months, June, July, and August, can only be characterized as near monsoon. According to floridastorms.org, “The National Weather Service confirmed the record with the UF Weather Center at 6:51 pm, stating that 0.71″ had been observed at the Gainesville Regional Airport, pushing the monthly total to 16.67″. This surpassed the prior monthly record of 16.65″ set in 2013.” Another article reports, “The most incredible number is 33.56″. That’s how much rain has fallen since June 1st, which is now more than any amount ever recorded in the three-month period from June 1 to August 31.  We’re not sure what’s more amazing: the fact that there are 33 more days to add to this record or that it occurred without the help of a tropical storm or hurricane.” All that rain hasn’t done much to help my few summer vegetables; Asian Yardlong beans, okra, eggplant, peppers, and sweet potatoes, however I can report a bumper crop of weeds! Yesterday the mow-men came in with their weed-wackers and cut the crop down to ground level. In the next few mornings I hope to pull the remaining weed crop from the grow boxes and start some planting.  The Tena fig tree that I purchased this spring from Just Fruits and Exotics has put out its first crop of figs, about twenty total, but it is still a baby tree. This California variety that is highly resistant to fruit rot. The fruit is a beautiful light yellow green; inside is a halo of white flesh, surrounding a light red center. Tena, an Italian heirloom, is a good drying variety with a high sugar content and excellent flavor. It has a medium, tight eye. The breba crop, which ripens in late June, gives it a nice long season., and the main crop ripens mid July to late August. The Tena figs were delicious fresh, and I decided to experiment with drying some on a bamboo skewer.

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